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The X Factor

I have written about this topic many times but never to the extent and graphical approach that I going today. Those of you who never believed that food has an “X” factor and think that it is just to get nutrients from it, will, at least to some point, understand that food it is not just a mere tool for gaining physical energy but spiritual, psychological, social and sexual. Those of you who share my ideals about food will live an erotically true experience… an experience that I call THE X FACTOR.

“Now, what would be such X Factor?” you might ask yourself. I’ll explain; when one person eats something really tasty, full of flavor and desired, something that suddenly, from food, turns to a magical experience, that person starts to experience some unexplainable feeling. He or she can suddenly travel to the past, to grandma’s kitchen, to moms special dish… the one she use to make when he or she were depress or sick, but there is another level to that.

With the proper concentration, people can travel to past relationships; that first kiss right after some good tenderloin tips and beer at a rainy night. Many others travel to more extreme memoirs; the first time, the first penetration, the first night of uncontrollable pleasure at the beach, at a motel, at a hotel or at home. That point of no return, of ecstasy, of mysterious power and mystical energy, that point when you take a bite and you just don’t feel food in your mouth but pleasure. You reach such factor only by consuming food so please, don’t misunderstand.

If you are a woman you start to get wet, your vagina starts beating like a heart, your lips start to get dry so you start licking them and at the same time you savor the moment. Your legs start to rub together, crating friction and pleasure and you start feel your panties, jeans or leggings wet and wetter. You moan, “hmmmm”, you say, “ahhhhh this is so good, ohhh yea, hummmmm”. You think of that moment, you start feeling him touching you, licking your vagina, penetrating you… slow, soft, fast and hard. You feel the orgasm coming and you want it again and again. You feel your body getting hot, blood streams running through your clitoris, labia and inner walls. You touch yourself and you just think in taking your clothes off and start masturbating, you want to ejaculate, get to the climax, feel you hands wet, lick your fingers. Your brain releases endorphin, and it feel like you are flying.

If you are a man you start to feel the tip of your pennies pumping. You get hard and your mind begins to travel. You think of her on her knees, putting if in her mouth, licking the tip, kissing it. You think of her on the dog position, penetrating her from behind as hard as you can and then soft. You imagine your body over hers; grabbing her perfect breasts with one hand and with the other you stimulate her clit. One more bite, now you smell the back of her neck, you turn her around, you lick her vagina, suck her labia, kiss her clit and lick your way up to her nipples. You keep going and you kiss her and without telling her you go inside inside. You feel every centimeter of penetration, the friction, the heat, and the wet. Every back and forth is like a tickle, you hear her moan, you man. You make love to her, slowly and to the rhythm of R&B. You take her to her climax and then you finish too. You look into her eyes. That’s just a few bites.

Many people find excitement and lust in many ways, from pornography to drugs, from religions to an almost infinite bag of reasons. Even since the times of the Greeks and Romans, the great Samurai and the medieval times, food has played a roll in every ones life. It has given pleasure to many (from the very poor to the very rich). Like sex, food it is all about control and submission. Like religion, food is all about believing in it. Like porn, food is about making love to it. Like all of them, food… is about feeling good, about living the moment just to escape from life’s problems for at least one instant. It’s about feeding our life, our soul and our ego. I recently have experience such factor; it was at a restaurant, a sushi restaurant in fact.

I ate and I experienced what I told you before and even more. I want you to relax and experience the “X” factor when you eat. When you are at the table, forget about time, forget about hurries and worries, and forget about debts and stress and most important concentrate on you, your pleasure, yourself.

Don’t deny it. I’m pretty sure you have felted it. Don’t hide it when you know is on, it is human nature so don’t be ashamed. Live it and feel it to its full extent. Sit down, relax, bite slowly, let your saliva take out the flavor, close your eyes and let it out. Only and exclusively like that you reach it, you reach THE X FACTOR.

*Note: I want you to think about this writing whenever you eat, I know you will, and if
you try to block it… it will be in you subconscious any ways. I hope you enjoy
every meal. I hope you get there.

Food Orgy

A pig, a guinea, a hen, fresh fruits, roots, fresh (really fresh) vegetables, fresh guavaras (river shrimps) and a food pervert. That’s how I see thing in my head whenever I go to Ciales. In fact I sometimes say that when I visit such place I’m getting a Cialysis, a purification of lungs, blood and soul. A moment of pure ecstasy that last the whole day. A moment of orgy.

I walk by the pig ranch and I feel joy, happiness, lust and excitement; and even though the place stinks for others for me its the smells of soon to be ham, bacon, shops, ribs, morcilla, patita and many other delights.

Walking by the recently made mud path you could see yucca trees, you take a knife and pull one out, and while you fight with the so beloved root you talk to it. “Come here my dear”, you say. “I’ll make something good of you. I’ll exploit your personality to the max. Ill make you part of a work of art”.

A river walks it way through the rocks. It’s sound makes me want to jump in like a desperate man jumps into a whore house. I want to get wet with its cold cold water and when I’m inside its stream I may want to stick my hands under a rock, so after a huge fight with an unknown creature I finally take it out. That’s it, I won, and I pulled out a fresh, alive and active guavara. Dinner, I think!

Hiking up hill I walk between coffee trees, oranges, acerolas and many other precious fruits. It is like the dream of dreams, so many nature and smells. I imagine myself lost in between dreams, dreams of pleasure.

I pass another ranch with guineas and hens, and they follow me with a hostile expression in their faces. Faces that say, “You are no eating me today, not today”. I look back with smile in my face. I say, “The more you follow me, the nearer you are of being transformed into food”. Suddenly I grab one by the neck, and it might sound cruel to you but for me it is the sound of pleasure.

I peel, prepare and give flavor to the entire things I have mentioned… except the coffee and the pig. I serve, I call my people, I smile and we eat. Moans, smiles, saliva dripping, a cup of wine, a shot of cañita and fruit dessert. “What an orgy”, I say.

The coffee is being prepared so tomorrow morning I can drink it while I sharpen the knife to prepare the pig.