A matter of fat!

I don’t know why so much complaining abou fat. You see, some of the most delicious food around the world contain at least some fat, and some of them are just fat. And the most incredible thing is that, in the countries where they eat that much fat people is not fat. Do you follow? Now, think of bacon. Those beautiful white lines that fuse into the cured meat, and people love it. Many countries have their own version; Bacon in the US, Serrano in Spain, and Proscuitto in Italy, and in Latin America we call it sabor. At least I do. So as you can see people love fat, and still, some are so freaking hypocrites that they deny it, but then you see them at the brunch buffet eating not just bacon but bread and butter, ham, sausages and as many other fat loaded foods and they enjoy it.

I have known people who prey themselves as healthy eaters but when they do their yearly little trip to Europe they indulge themselves with foie gras, which is just… Yes you guesd it, FAT.

I believe that the problem with fat is bad advertising. Being a salesman and having an M.B.A in International Marketing I can see where things go wrong, as far as advertising concern. First of all we must, yes MUST, stop calling obese people by the name of Fat. We must eliminate that anchor. Even though that is what they have inside, it is just not fair to compare something so rich in flavor and powerful with a person. Second… Haven’t you noticed that in countries such as the great US of A the problem began when they started promoting refined things that they call food? And third… Obviously people, obviously, everything in excess is bad for your health.

I don’t know you but for me there is nothing more beautiful and soul healthy than having fried eggs and bacon for breakfast. If you haven’t tasted it I encourage you to try it, and you’ll know happiness. And what about pork shops? Who does not love them? And what do you say about lard? Ahhhh man, so much flavor.

Let me tell you something my friend. Try adding fat to your diet and you’ll see that your life will be happier. After all… It is just a matter of fat.

Note: This note is not intended to encourage people to get obese, but to enjoy food at its maximum capacity. If you see that you are getting obese do the obvious. Eat a balance diet and workout.

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