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What dreams may come!

davinci1Remember that movie where Robin Williams died and went to a place where everything was colorful? Yup that one. The one with the suicidal wife. In the movie, when he imagined something, he could see it, do it, or even save it. So imagine that you had a dream about having sex with your high school crush, and she or he is still as hot as she or he use to be, or at least as you use to see her or him.

As you may have experienced before, dreams and reality are a world apart and at the same time we tend confuse one and another. So yes dreams may come reality.

The thing is… even when being a dreamer allows you to achieve, create, and sometimes make dream reality… even when “the world belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams“, and I believe that too by the way, one has to be careful.

You see, as in the movie, Robin Williams’s wife had other dreams of her own and those dreams were pretty close to drag Robin to their domain, causing him to become part other dreams that are not his. Yes I know, and you might say that in the end Robin won, but is not always that way.

So anyway, my point is… you have to be careful with what dreams may come. You must understand that others have dreams of their own… And that their dreams do not necessarily have to go along with yours. That not everybody have to like, support or even understand them. That people is not obligated to help you achieve them, as they might be to focused or busy achieving theirs.

So my friend…dream and let others dream, but above all, dream but keep your eyes open to reality. Sweet dreams!

El dolor por placer, y el placer por el dolor.

Estamos locos o qué? Existen dos fuerzas que provocan el cambio en nosotros o que hacen que nos quedemos en las mismas, estas son Placer y Dolor, y por más que muchos lo nieguen la realidad es que a todos nos gusta un poco de ambas. Bueno, a quién no le gusta el placer? Pero qué pasa con el dolor? Me pasa por la cabeza, que nos gusta y que se joda lo demás…

Como cuando nos comemos una pinta entera de mantecado y nos decimos a nosotros mismos, “hay que se joda, me la como completa aunque me den diarreas” o cuando nos damos una jartera de cerveza y pizza y al otro dia lidiamos con las consecuencias…

Y aunque nos decimos a nosotros mismos que no nos comemos esa pinta de mantecado más nunca, o que esa jartera de cerveza fue algo de una sola vez… lo volvemos a hacer una y otra vez.

Nos gusta el placer aunque este nos traiga dolor.

A Tini problem. Martini I mean.

Once I heard a macho say that a man who drinks any drink that ends up in “tini” is no man. That “those kinds of drinks” are for girls or gays. To what I replied (in my mind), “Man, what a tini idiot he is”.

Well let me give you an example fellow readers. JAMES BOND who is the characterization of all the fantasies that almost all men want to be, you know, things like traveling a lot / living in the edge / having sex with women from around the world / dressing fucking awesome / being a super secret not so secret agent / presenting himself last name first / having an almost infinite supply of cool moves / having a pretty cool British accent / with amazing fighting skills… drinks martinis. In fact, martini is his signature and favorite drink.

On top of that, I drink martinis. Well I am starting but still. And I like’em dirty, apple, watermelon, vesper, and any other tini that there is, and I don’t consider myself gay. In fact, that is pure bullshit, I don’t consider that there are drinks for girls or men, or gay, or straight. If you like it just drink it.

Can you imagine a drink just for men? Well, I don’t know you, but I love a woman who drinks whisky. Ufff.

Recently I made a martini with liche, an exotic fruit. It’s like a testicle white ball that taste really good but is creamy. Huh, does it makes me an exotic gay guy who likes creamy white balls?

Come on, it’s a martini. Just a regular unisex drink. A martini. Drink responsibly!