A Tini problem. Martini I mean.

Once I heard a macho say that a man who drinks any drink that ends up in “tini” is no man. That “those kinds of drinks” are for girls or gays. To what I replied (in my mind), “Man, what a tini idiot he is”.

Well let me give you an example fellow readers. JAMES BOND who is the characterization of all the fantasies that almost all men want to be, you know, things like traveling a lot / living in the edge / having sex with women from around the world / dressing fucking awesome / being a super secret not so secret agent / presenting himself last name first / having an almost infinite supply of cool moves / having a pretty cool British accent / with amazing fighting skills… drinks martinis. In fact, martini is his signature and favorite drink.

On top of that, I drink martinis. Well I am starting but still. And I like’em dirty, apple, watermelon, vesper, and any other tini that there is, and I don’t consider myself gay. In fact, that is pure bullshit, I don’t consider that there are drinks for girls or men, or gay, or straight. If you like it just drink it.

Can you imagine a drink just for men? Well, I don’t know you, but I love a woman who drinks whisky. Ufff.

Recently I made a martini with liche, an exotic fruit. It’s like a testicle white ball that taste really good but is creamy. Huh, does it makes me an exotic gay guy who likes creamy white balls?

Come on, it’s a martini. Just a regular unisex drink. A martini. Drink responsibly!


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